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Hire our HQ Photos of Construction History of Our Old HQ

Up until 1980 Consett was known all around the world because of the Steelworks, which produced the best steel in the world. The steel was used in Blackpool’s famous tower, and in the UK’s fleet of nuclear submarines. At its peak in the 1960s the steelworks employed 6,000 people, and dominated the town of Consett.

It was during the peak in the 1960s that the Steelwork Company donated a draughtsmans’ office and small plot of land in Constance Street to 1st Consett Scout Group.

The prefabricated timber building was dismantled from its site within the steelworks and moved to Constance Street, just above the steelworks.

The building provided excellent service for the Scout Group and the wider community for almost 50 years.

Repairs to the roof in 2008 highlighted the fact that many of the supports were showing signs of fatigue, and some of the structural uprights in the walls had to be replaced.

It is also fair to say that the building was designed for a different age. Facilities were, to say the least, basic. There were only two toilets, without hand basins, one large hall with low beams, and a tiny kitchen and store room. The building did not have any insulation or draught proofing either, leading to huge heating bills in the winter.  

For safety reasons we decided that the 2009/10 winter must be the buildings last as we could not guarantee the safety of the building much beyond that. In July 2010 the last section meetings were held in the hut. The old hut was eventually demolished in March 2013, to enable construction of our amazing new headquarters.